Be it a top-notch aluminium composite panel, all kinds of composite cladding panels as well as aluminium composite cladding, we have you sorted from every possible end. Since we cherish each and every one of our customers, a large majority of them invariably end up coming back to us for further advice and services. In a nutshell, Dunmoe Cladding Services guarantees that all of your needs and problems are dealt with while you choose the best aluminium composite cladding panel for your home.

In quite a few cases a complete reclad job can be done with the help of a composite panel system. In some cases, it may be extremely difficult to carry out, but the option of an overclad is always there. Many of our clients have industrial units that require a particular cladding upgrade to meet the current insulation regulations and we have helped out many of them on multiple occasions.

Best Aluminium Composite Panel Installation & Services in Brisbane

The primary reasons why customers come back to us are mainly because we stress on the importance of using high-quality materials and competitive prices across the board. Let’s not mince words – You may very well be using the best aluminium composite panel in Brisbane, but the installation process will take up a major chunk of your time in most cases and even more if there is a lack of general expertise. That is for sure.

To avoid that, one needs to pull out all the stops to make sure that the advice of a professional is taken. This is precisely where we enter the picture to make everything a lot smoother and easier for you on the whole. Be it the most top-of-the-line aluminium composite cladding panel or a variety of aluminium cladding panels, we have it all and more. Make sure that you get in touch with our team at the very earliest.

Aluminium Cladding Panels

Aluminium cladding panels make a great cladding feature for your property’s exterior which is mostly exposed to environmental elements. This modern-age material is easy to work with and is mostly installed to ensure thermal insulation, alkaline & acidity resistance, acoustic insulation as well as superior protection against UV and moisture.

Aluminium composite cladding panels are flat, smooth, durable and lightweight, which are great properties to have in a construction material, but do they really have to look boring? Not at all.
We can make aluminium composite panels blend in with any existing structure to lift its visual appeal while adding stability, strength and character to it.

We do not offload our work to subcontractors. Everything from taking measurements to the final outcome, your project will be handled in-house by our trained cladding specialists of Brisbane.

If you’d like to explore other options in composite cladding panels, feel free to enquire.

FAQ About Aluminium Composite Panel

Composite aluminium is a specialised construction material that is used for a variety of purposes, including signage, insulation, facades of buildings, external cladding and more. Composite Aluminium is made up of two aluminium sheets and a polyethylene core that holds the sheets together. Thanks to its lightweight design and excellent thermal insulation property, Composite aluminium is used for making patio and window awnings as well.
You can use a power saw to cut Aluminium composite panels. The power saw with alternative teeth bevelled ensures precision cutting with minimal splinters. There are many other tools, including fret saws, band saws and jigsaws, that can be used to cut composite aluminium panels. If you have sheets that are 3mm or thinner, guillotine might as well do the trick.
Aluminium composite panels can be installed using the route and return wet seal method. It's a specialised process that requires professional tools and expertise. Installing ACPs is a job that is best left to professionals. Dunmoe Cladding can help you install your ACP facade or awning to the best quality and safety standards.
A composite cladding panel is a factory engineered panel specifically designed for awnings, roofing elements, partitioning and thermal insulation. It is widely used in homes and commercial buildings, thanks to its excellent thermal insulation properties and durability.
Aluminium composite panels are used for facades of buildings, external cladding, partitioning, roof insulation, commercial signage and a wide range of commercial and residential building applications.

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