Categorically non-combustible certified to AS1530.1, our MondoClad solid aluminium composite material comes in a wide range of finishes and sizes to ensure even the most complex designs can be achieved.

MondoClad provides architects, designers, developers, builders and contractors a premium solid aluminium façade panel they can safely specify for commercial, educational, aged care and residential projects without compromising design.

Utilising a highly corrosive resistant marine grade alloy, MondoClad is ideal for installation in the harsh Australian environment.

Together with its non-combustibility, low maintenance and ability to be folded into cassettes, MondoClad is ideal for new construction or recladding projects.

The superior PVDF architectural paint finish of MondoClad ensures UV stability, colour retention and a product that will stand the test of time.

MondoClad delivers a high-level sustainability and is 100% recyclable.

Stocked locally in several colours and sizes, MondoClad also offers custom colours and sizes upon request.


Vitradual is a durable, high impact resistant, solid panel which can be curved, rolled and perforated. Vitradual features the PVDF coating system ; well proven for its superior quality, extensive colour range and integrity; unlike traditional 3mm powder-coated aluminium. Panels are prefinished; the flexibility of PVDF coatings means they do not require fabrication prior to coating like traditional powder-coated cassettes, which minimises lead-times, damage and costs.


Alfrex Solid is a 3mm aluminium pre-finished plate.
It is corrosion resistant and can be easily fabricated to any shape or design.
Alfrex Solid has no core material, giving the product superior fire resistance. .


NCP ALUMCANBOND is a 4mm Aluminum Core Panel which is fully Non-Combustible and suitable for external panels and internal structures where Non-Combustibility and fire resistance is needed.

NCP ALUMCANBOND is an ideal replacement and alternative to non-compliant composite panels which were responsible for the recent Lacrosse high- rise building fire in Melbourne. ALUMCANBOND has been certified as a non-combustible building material under the AS 1530.1

NCP ALUMCANBOND is manufactured from high grade Aluminium throughout with skin thickness of  0.7mm top skin and 0.5mm rear skin, separated by a ‘egg carton type’ Aluminium core. Unlike other non-combustible and fire proof panels and sheets NCP Alumcanbond does not use mineral core fillers to achieve fire resistance and is therefore lighter in weight with equal or better structural strength.


Recent fire related incidents in Australia and the Middle East led to the creation of the most advanced aluminium composite material (FACADE) in the world.

The Australian building industry has been searching for a solution which allows for an FACADE to be fully rated as non-combustible as tested to Australian Standard AS 1530.1

Alcadex have formulated a core compound that combines inorganic and organic materials that is completely resistant to fire, achieving the highest fire standard possible.

Extensive test data has been produced in laboratories with testing finally completed in Australia by the CSIRO which confirms ALCADEX as a non-combustible material.

Australian fire engineers have provided extensive evaluation and analysis in regard to the fire performance of Alcadex. The results of the analysis prove without doubt that Alcadex is the most functional fire resistant FACADE in the world.


Aluminum Composite Panel (FACADE ) larson ® is a fully tested and certified, top quality architectural wall cladding panel providing the strength and flexibility required for the most demanding design criteria. The aluminium composite panel larson ® is especially recommended for new-construction ventilated façade sectors as well as renovation. It allows for ventilated, semi-ventilated or air-tight façades. larson ® composite panel is produced by two metal sheets (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass or Zinc) for architectural façade cladding.


ALUCOBOND® PLUS is a composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a mineral-filled polymer core. The superb properties of this material boost one’s inspiration and offer architecture a whole new range of solutions – whether your project is a private home, a public building, a corporate headquarter and offices, or a trading or industrial complex.


Alpolic/fr  is composed of high percentage of non-combustible mineral filled core sandwiched between two skins of 0.5 thick aluminium. Total thickness is 3, 4 or 6mm. the topside is coated with fluorocarbon paint and the backside is a wash coating.